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Frequency Converter Background

The Mains Voltage and Frequency in The USA and some other countries differs from that of Europe. 110Volts/60Hz in the USA and  220Volts/50Hz  for Europe.  Because of this a Step down Transformer must be used to alter the input voltage to the correct level. This alone is not sufficient as the Jukebox motor uses the input mains frequency to determine it’s speed. This means a Jukebox originally designed for 60Hz  mains will run very noticeably slow when operated on 50Hz mains.

The solution to this problem is either to change the worm and wheel gearset to provide the correct speed (as the manufacturers did with Jukeboxes destined for Europe) or electronically change the mains frequency. The excessive size and cost of an industrial frequency converter to do the job coupled with difficulty in locating good reproduction 50Hz gear sets  led us to design our own converter.

With further development, sinewave output types have been designed that give greater motor torque and are capable of handling the power requirement of the much larger motors found on the 78rpm Jukeboxes of any manufacture.