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Hi,I am Alex, an Italian collector. I have some  Seeburg jukebox, Seeburg 100C, Seeburg KD200, Seeburg 100J and Seeburg DS160. I use always these converters  for the 50 Hz to 60 Hz conversion. I have never had any trouble and they are so easy to fit and set up. I recommend the first class service. Alex Lanfredi - Italy

These converters are worth every penny.  They are simple to install and offer trouble free operation, whether you use your juke every day or every month the rpm's of the turntable are perfect.  I have these installed in a Seeburg AY 100, G and KD 200.  I even have the 78 rpm converter wired up in a Packard Manhattan, it was a simple 5 minute job, the juke runs sweetly and has never needed adjustment since the inital set up, fantastic. Jason Caswell - Australia

Hello , today I Got Your converter for my recently arrived and now restored V200. Only easily plugged in, it sounds superbly fine  without any howling or squeezing like the former 50hz gear set. The best thing is the adjustable speed control, I´m very convenient with it. No more risk of destruction the gear , it´s a fine solution! Thanks very much,  Markus Wiessing - Germany  

The frequency convertor works very well, I could not register failures. It is simply stuck on between run carriage and receiver, and is operational immediately.

A quick easy solution, the original state of the Jukebox would not be broken.

Wilfried Frietag - Austria

Good Morning .

 Just to let you know your heavy duty cycle converters have been very successful with my pre war jukeboxes in particular my Wurlitzer 700, 800 and 1100, all running exceptionally well on your converters. I have found the converters very easy to install, no more than a ten minute job, and far easier than having to re-gear a mechanism. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of your converters, more by way of a side effect, is that the motors run a lot cooler than when you re-gear and run the motors on 50 cycles, and due to this factor alone I don't think I will ever go down the path of re-gearing again. I will be in the market for another three converters shortly, I am just about to start restoration on a Wurlitzer 750 and a Seeburg Classic, and following those two, my pride and joy the Filben.

 Warmest Regards – John Lamb - Australia

As an Owner of several Jukeboxes, I have found these Converters to be the ultimate to convert to correct turntable speed, simply plug in and you’re finished. No more timely and costly mechanicals needed. I call them the “Magic Boxes”.

The converters are very robust and well made; I thoroughly recommend them and will buy again. Thanks again , excellent cycles conversion!

Regards from down under – Rod (mrjuke) Mcpadden.  Australia.